Songs of Coal

by zzzelda

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10th album.


released June 1, 2012

i did everything. songs and artwork. i guess i could give some credit to myself.



all rights reserved


zzzelda Brazil

graphies make me nervous. there's the music and there are so far 13 albums and there's the drawings. i hope at least that these give you an idea of who you're dealing with.

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Track Name: The Last Song
Across the fields
Across the mist
You drive yourself
You bite your feet
In bare hard stone
Hold Black Burnt Bone

You go outside and you never come home

In white skin
Made of quail quills
In golden boots
I wait and will

Wait for owl people hoot hoot hoot

Cold be dome of uneasy sleep
Dark and lone till end creeps
Track Name: Dwarf Fortress
Delve delve delve
in dephts of greed
hoard hoard hoard
your seeds and
plant all the metal
you can't eat

Gnaw your ways below
Dwarf Fortress
Gnaw your ways
and eat a forest in
Fire, doom and death

Knock knock knock
your hammerfall
call call call
a raven calls
and takes all the news it can gets

Tell tell tell
around all dells
hear them cries, shouts and yells
in joy joy joy
Track Name: Coal Black
Coal Black
I know you lack
All things you had
When you lived through me
You live with you
and all you do
is go to sleep to sleep to sleep

Coal Black oh Coal Black

Coal Black
Where have you been
I waited you in quail quills
All whitely
I wait for you
All white in me
All in June.

Coal Black oh Coal Black
What have you done?